SAVELLI is a Sydney-based fashion label designing luxury leather handbags and small leather goods in Australia.

All our products are hand made in Sydney by passionate and meticulous craftsmen, using only the highest quality of Australian leather such as cow-hide and kangaroo leather.  

But SAVELLI is, above all, about people, their passion, their art and the relationship built with the label.

The label was created in 2013 in Sydney after meeting exceptional local manufacturers, artisans, suppliers and professionals in the fashion industry. In order to establish a true Australian fashion label and build a strong Australian personality and image, the label continues to work exclusively and face-to-face with local professionals of the industry.

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SAVELLI is a modern Australian fashion label introducing a new way of thinking and perceiving Australian fashion. 

By combining the Australian Aboriginal heritage, with the modern Australian style and fashion, which has been influenced over the last few decades by a cosmopolitan and multicultural population, the fashion designer Melissa Savelli intends to set a new standard for Australian fashion, linking the past to today.

This new collection was inspired by the "Tjukurrpa" ("dreaming"), which has had a sacred and spiritual meaning for Aborigines since ancient times and which has unleashed unlimited sources of inspiration for the designer.